Frequently Asked Questions

  • The advantages of offshore outsourcing are rapidly growing due to the benefits of remote work and.
    Let’s look at the reasons why foreign companies are outsourcing their application and software development projects to Hungary.

    - Location: Timezone does not matter, easy to contact and work together
    - EU membership and passport-free travelling: EU membership since 2004
    - Excellent language skills: Hungarians have excellent language skills
    - Great IT education: There are many universities where tech research and tech education are strong

  • If you contact us, first we have a discovery call with you on the phone, or zoom and decide if we can work together.
    After we going to lay down the foundation of the project and come up with a details step-by-step plan.
    We estimate the time, resources and effort needed to deliver your project.
    We send you the proposal, if you sign-up with us, we will start delivering the project to you.
    During delivery we keep you informed about the status of the project by sharing our kanban board with you, where you always can contact us.
    Please note, that additional request during the development is limited or may result in additional cost.